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Midterms - Carr and Crazy
A year in the life of the weird
We're eight weeks into a sixteen week semester.  Midterms were due last week.  We are at the halfway point.

Thank you, God.

Really, it's not all that bad, except the university has failed to turn the heat on yet.  Supposedly, they should be turning it on today, it being the fifteenth of October.  However, since our university still relys on coal heat, we won't actually have heat until later this week, which means we're due for another few chilly days inside until the heat becomes unbearable and we all have to turn fans on.  Who knows, though?  It might stay cold outside, and then the heat would actually be appropriate. 

*takes a look at next week's weather*  So much for that idea.

I really do enjoy school when I have things to do, and I do know it's dangerous to ask for more things to do--be careful what you wish for, correct?  I do wih I might procrastinate a little more, but then I realize that's just stupidity.

Ah, for my undergraduate days when procrastination was a way of life.

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