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Carr and Crazy
A year in the life of the weird
We're eight weeks into a sixteen week semester.  Midterms were due last week.  We are at the halfway point.

Thank you, God.

Really, it's not all that bad, except the university has failed to turn the heat on yet.  Supposedly, they should be turning it on today, it being the fifteenth of October.  However, since our university still relys on coal heat, we won't actually have heat until later this week, which means we're due for another few chilly days inside until the heat becomes unbearable and we all have to turn fans on.  Who knows, though?  It might stay cold outside, and then the heat would actually be appropriate. 

*takes a look at next week's weather*  So much for that idea.

I really do enjoy school when I have things to do, and I do know it's dangerous to ask for more things to do--be careful what you wish for, correct?  I do wih I might procrastinate a little more, but then I realize that's just stupidity.

Ah, for my undergraduate days when procrastination was a way of life.

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Pillage Us!
Buy another bookshelf.

Second note to self: Find place to put new bookshelf.

As a sidenote to crazy_ewok's last entry about the handwritten drit sign...I would just like to point out that in this university, we also have signs to remind students in the Mathematics, CompSci and English classroom building not to spit in the water fountains.

I did find one incident of a comma that nearly drove me nuts on the way back from the football game the other day--the only football game I have gone to in my entire collegiate career and only because it was my brother's birthday.  It went thusly:

Anytown NY, 12345

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  The comma went after the state.  It drove me nuts the entire time we were parked outside this particular service station.  I sat in the car and glowered at it.

Also, as another note, I despise Nietzsche.  Not because he said that God was dead.  After all, Nietzsche is dead, and I believe God got the last word on that one.  No, I despise Nietzsche because no one can tell me what effect he has on literary criticism.  But as I have dropped my Modern Literary Theory class, I no longer particularly care.  I'll deal with him another semester. 

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Pillage Us!
I would just like to point out that Facebook's new feed thing makes stalking someone a lot easier now. Having known a few people who could possibly be stalkers makes it just a little scarier.

I've decided that I love my job--well, one of them. Working in the Writing Center is the most fun, and probably because I do less work and more sitting around and laughing my head off than anything else. But when I am working, I'm figuring out ways to explain grammar concepts that I've internalized through all these years. I never thought I'd use the words "teaching strategies" or "pedagogy" in casual conversation, but I have and that scares me somewhat.

I also have two giant zits on my forehead and one underneath my eye. *sigh*

My theory classes are driving me insane. We were reading Saussure in Dr. K's class, and his theories of semiology--and spent over half an hour discussing the difference between the words "different" and "distinct." It's really hard to think you understand something when you read it, and then get to class and realize that you were so off the mark, you weren't even close to the target.

crazy_ewok, I have no idea what your problem was with Dr. Mildew!  I love him!  He's so cool, and very good at explaining theory.  I could see how he might not be the best teacher for advanced comp, but I'm really enjoying this class with him.

On the other hand, my class in Old English is getting more and more interesting.  Dr. B. explained how to decline nouns today in class, which made things a lot easier for me to understand.  Yay for Old English!

Well, I don't have to go anywhere or do anything until two-thirty tomorrow, so I'm going to go to sleep and sleep *late.* 

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Last night was quite amusing as my partner-in-crime was sending drunken messages across AIM.  Crazy, I need to introduce you to the screwdriver.  There's nothing better than OJ and vodka.

In other non-booze related news, I got most of my books for classes.  The bookstore didn't have two for Dr. M's class (not surprisingly) and Dr. Mildew (Crazy's name for him) hadn't bothered to turn in a booklist for his class.  Granted, it is Modern Comp Theory, so for all I know, there may not be a book.

Went to Barnes and Noble today and picked up a few interesting items as well.  I finally gave in and bought an MLA handbook--something I've never particularly wanted but need to have.  (I prefer Chicago.)   Also bought two interesting books--The American West by Dee Brown (he wrote Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) and Finding Atlantis by David King.  It's about this guy who went on this legendary search for Atlantis in the 1600's. 

I also bought my dog an Issac Mizrahi dress at Target, but that has nothing to do with school.  She looks cute, though.

Buying those books was a knee-jerk reaction to my graduate orientation yesterday.  I'm planning to graduate next spring, so I have to put together my grad committee and my comps book list (some 20 books) and I thought I'd get in the last reading for fun I'd have in a while.  Thinking about Dr. F to chair my committee (he and I don't always get along, but we have a good professional relationship), since he's in more in the area I'm in.  He's in 19th century British literature, and Dr. C might make another good representative, since she does 20th century British literature, with a special emphasis on war literature.  Not sure about my third member, but I may try to get Dr. S from the creative writing department since so much of what I study is pop culture.  I'd love to write my mentored paper on Terry Prachett.

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School starts at Uni a week from today, so I went out and bought school supplies. 

Buying school supplies is always fun for me, especially since I was homeschooled from sixth grade through high school.  We never really went out and bought school supplies when school started--we just ran to Walmart and got things when we needed them.  So I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of the fact that I go at the beginning of each semester and buy new school supplies.

Today I ended up with-

(4) notebooks (One for each class.)
(1) package of blue Papermate pens.  (Papermate is the best!)
(1) package of highlighters.  (I always end up losing them)
(1) package of those Post-it note flag things.  (Cause they really will come in handy.)
(1) package of manila envelopes (I need to mail stuff out later.)
(4) folders. (To keep track of all that loose stuff so I don't lose it.)
(1) expanding file folder. (To also help keep track of all that loose stuff.)
(1) package containing push pins, binder clips, and paper clips. (I'm always stealing binder clips from my dad.)
(1) glue pen. (That's actually for my scrapbook.)
(1) bottle of Flintstones vitamins.  (Hey, school takes it out of you!)

I need a new planner, but I'll get that at school tomorrow from the bookstore.  I left the one I bought from Walmart a few weeks ago out in the car and the plastic has gotten all melty.

Grad school orientation is tomorrow.  I've already had two classes, but better to make friends with the teachers.  Especially since I'm going to be asking the department for money for the PCAS/ACAS conference.  I'd rather they paid for it than I paid for it.  Those hotel rooms are expensive!

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