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Note to self: - Carr and Crazy
A year in the life of the weird
Note to self:
Buy another bookshelf.

Second note to self: Find place to put new bookshelf.

As a sidenote to crazy_ewok's last entry about the handwritten drit sign...I would just like to point out that in this university, we also have signs to remind students in the Mathematics, CompSci and English classroom building not to spit in the water fountains.

I did find one incident of a comma that nearly drove me nuts on the way back from the football game the other day--the only football game I have gone to in my entire collegiate career and only because it was my brother's birthday.  It went thusly:

Anytown NY, 12345

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  The comma went after the state.  It drove me nuts the entire time we were parked outside this particular service station.  I sat in the car and glowered at it.

Also, as another note, I despise Nietzsche.  Not because he said that God was dead.  After all, Nietzsche is dead, and I believe God got the last word on that one.  No, I despise Nietzsche because no one can tell me what effect he has on literary criticism.  But as I have dropped my Modern Literary Theory class, I no longer particularly care.  I'll deal with him another semester. 

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