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School supplies make me happy. - Carr and Crazy
A year in the life of the weird
School supplies make me happy.
School starts at Uni a week from today, so I went out and bought school supplies. 

Buying school supplies is always fun for me, especially since I was homeschooled from sixth grade through high school.  We never really went out and bought school supplies when school started--we just ran to Walmart and got things when we needed them.  So I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of the fact that I go at the beginning of each semester and buy new school supplies.

Today I ended up with-

(4) notebooks (One for each class.)
(1) package of blue Papermate pens.  (Papermate is the best!)
(1) package of highlighters.  (I always end up losing them)
(1) package of those Post-it note flag things.  (Cause they really will come in handy.)
(1) package of manila envelopes (I need to mail stuff out later.)
(4) folders. (To keep track of all that loose stuff so I don't lose it.)
(1) expanding file folder. (To also help keep track of all that loose stuff.)
(1) package containing push pins, binder clips, and paper clips. (I'm always stealing binder clips from my dad.)
(1) glue pen. (That's actually for my scrapbook.)
(1) bottle of Flintstones vitamins.  (Hey, school takes it out of you!)

I need a new planner, but I'll get that at school tomorrow from the bookstore.  I left the one I bought from Walmart a few weeks ago out in the car and the plastic has gotten all melty.

Grad school orientation is tomorrow.  I've already had two classes, but better to make friends with the teachers.  Especially since I'm going to be asking the department for money for the PCAS/ACAS conference.  I'd rather they paid for it than I paid for it.  Those hotel rooms are expensive!

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shebameimei From: shebameimei Date: August 14th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth....

and I was a girl, getting school supplies was a huge big deal, for we *never* got them under other circumstances.

I always wanted the 64 box of crayons and Gran would try to talk me into the 48 because it was cheaper.

Occasionally I got the 64. The pink pearl eraser, the writing pad with the indian on the cover, my pencils all said Leggett and Platt.

I remember when my desk mate (we were in groups of two), his name was Brian Hawkins, stole my pencil. I told the teacher. She said how did I know, and I said, "It says Leggett and Platt! My father works there!"

Of course, after that, he'd chewed on it...blech.

There was a fad where we got purple and pink notebook paper. Some teachers allowed it and some didn't. I loved it. That and the bic pen with the four colors where you clicked down the one you wanted.

Then, in seventh grade, everyone got maroon shirts with their name in white. First name across the chest, last name across the back. It was a big deal...school colors for the high school team.

So I was standing in line to buy a ticket and the fellow said "Thank you Jennifer." I looked at him amazed. "How did you know my name?" He just laughed. It was across my chest in big white letters.
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