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I'm ready for school to start...I'm not ready... - Carr and Crazy
A year in the life of the weird
I'm ready for school to start...I'm not ready...
Last night was quite amusing as my partner-in-crime was sending drunken messages across AIM.  Crazy, I need to introduce you to the screwdriver.  There's nothing better than OJ and vodka.

In other non-booze related news, I got most of my books for classes.  The bookstore didn't have two for Dr. M's class (not surprisingly) and Dr. Mildew (Crazy's name for him) hadn't bothered to turn in a booklist for his class.  Granted, it is Modern Comp Theory, so for all I know, there may not be a book.

Went to Barnes and Noble today and picked up a few interesting items as well.  I finally gave in and bought an MLA handbook--something I've never particularly wanted but need to have.  (I prefer Chicago.)   Also bought two interesting books--The American West by Dee Brown (he wrote Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) and Finding Atlantis by David King.  It's about this guy who went on this legendary search for Atlantis in the 1600's. 

I also bought my dog an Issac Mizrahi dress at Target, but that has nothing to do with school.  She looks cute, though.

Buying those books was a knee-jerk reaction to my graduate orientation yesterday.  I'm planning to graduate next spring, so I have to put together my grad committee and my comps book list (some 20 books) and I thought I'd get in the last reading for fun I'd have in a while.  Thinking about Dr. F to chair my committee (he and I don't always get along, but we have a good professional relationship), since he's in more in the area I'm in.  He's in 19th century British literature, and Dr. C might make another good representative, since she does 20th century British literature, with a special emphasis on war literature.  Not sure about my third member, but I may try to get Dr. S from the creative writing department since so much of what I study is pop culture.  I'd love to write my mentored paper on Terry Prachett.

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crazy_ewok From: crazy_ewok Date: August 16th, 2006 05:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nah, that class probably has a book but he just hasn't bothered to tell you what it is. Get used to him not bothering to do stuff.
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